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About the Author

Dr. Namita Gandhi


A seasoned immunologist with ​a Ph.D. from UT Southwestern, has dedicated ​over two decades to unraveling the complexities ​of diseases in her biotech career.
Passionate about promoting STEM education, Namita supports initiatives globally. It instilled a deep appreciation for the universal importance of health. 

Inspired by bedtime stories with her nieces and ​nephew, Namita now crafts whimsical picture ​books that demystify the wonders of ​immunology and science for children.

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Cultivating STEM education globally

Sponsorship of a mobile lab in rural India, explored preschool enhancements in Cambodia, and developed a comic illustrating the process of cancer medicine development for children in the US


About Nimitry Books 

"Nimi" means twinkle in Sanskrit.
We aspire to get your imaginations twinkling with our STEM-inspired content 

To captivate young minds, we transform science of ​the human body, particularly immunology, into a ​whimsical adventure. Our lively and imaginative ​writing style brings cells and antibodies to life ​through anthropomorphism. With vivid imagery, ​personification, and intriguing comparisons, we ​create a sense of intrigue. Engaging readers ​personally, we invite them on a thrilling journey, ​making the content feel like an interactive and ​invitational experience.


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